Increase Ejaculation With Supplements

Hello and welcome, this is Andy James from Max Ejaculation and today I’m going to be talking about ejaculation supplements.

Are you happy with the size of your ejaculations?

Would you like to increase your semen volume?

Would you like to ejaculate with more power and force?

Would you like to impress your lover with the size of your volume?

Would you like to increase your sex drive, stamina and erection size?

Well, luckily for you there is a solution and that solution is ejaculation supplements. Now, I’ve bought and tested the two leading brands being sold online; Volume Pills and Semenax.

What I did was I tested each for 60 days and at the end of the 60 days I recorded my results and six months later I’m publishing my results on this website to help other guys who are in the same situation as me, who wanted to increase their load but did not know which brands worked and which didn’t. So what I’ve done is I’ve reviewed both and I’ve published the results below.

You’ll find links below this video to both my Volume Pills Review and also my Semenax Review. In each review I’ll be talking about everything from the order process to delivery to the actual results I got during the two months I was testing each. So all you have to do is click on the links below to check out my reviews.

There’s also a Volume Pills VS Semenax Comparison Page where I compare the two brands, Volume Pills and Semenax, and published the results and let you know how they performed against each other. So thank you for watching and I’ll see you in my reviews.